Double Trouble Colombian Blend

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There are more than half a million coffee farmers in Colombia, There are very few estates as most coffee is farmed on small lots.
There are two main grades of Colombian coffee - Supremo and Excelso - The grade is based on the size of the beans with Superemo being the larger and Excelso the smaller.
When ripe, the coffee cherries are picked and go through an initial flotation sorting to remove underripes, sticks, and general debris before passing through a pulping machine and working their way down the washing channels to the fermentation tanks. Here, they will sit for typically 8-14 hours, before moving to the drying patios or guardiolas for controlled drying down to 10-12% moisture. Typically in Colombia, this is carried out on the farm, with processed cherries then being taken to a dry mill for careful grading, tasting, and blending. The coffee is stored in parchment until ready for export, when it is hulled at the dry mill and bagged for shipping. Bean sizes 15-16 are graded as Excelso.
Process - Washed
Altitude -1100 +m
Harvest - March - July
September - December

Flavour - Caramel, Chocolate, Rosehip, Lemon, Red Apple, Sweet
SCA score 83