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Original Welshcakes pack of 6

Welshcakes, every family in wales has its own handed down recipe that has been through generations of the family and has been adapted along the way. This is ours and originates from the Swansea Valleys. A simple flat griddle cake bursting with dried fruits & spices, the kids love them.  We hand make and hand roll every one of them.  The secret of good Welshcakes is not to cook it until its dry ! 6 Welshcakes in each pack.  

Welshcake Garibaldi pack of 6

Welshcake Garibaldi are a crisp yet chewy biscuit.  Delicious dried fruit, mixed with our signature spices and a generous helping of sugar providing that complete, caramelised, sweet taste. These are perfect accompaniment to a nice strong cup of tea.  They are the perfect accompaniment to a nice strong cup of tea.  We are bringing back that nostalgic favourite, the Squashed Fly Biscuit but with a modern Sheffs twist.